Review: The Save My Face Pillow


Remember the Save My Face Pillow I wrote about earlier this year?

I couldn’t resist buying one.

I mean, I say “I couldn’t resist”. I kinda felt like I had no option: I was waking up every morning looking like someone had taken a Stanley knife to my forehead during the night and carved two deep grooves into it. The lines weren’t disappearing during the day, either, so something had to be done.

As I mentioned in my previous post, these two sleep lines on my forehead are the result of me always sleeping on my left-hand side, with my face crammed into the pillow. I tried training myself to sleep on my back, and I tried Frownies, but having had limited success with the Frownsies, and no success at all with the back-sleeping, this pillow was the next step in my plan of action.

I actually bought my pillow from eBay, where it was only about £20, compared to the £50 charged by the official website. I went for the small pillow (the “pillowette”) because I have a fairly small face, and I opted for the satin finish because I’ve read that satin pillowcases are less likely to leave you with sleep lines.

I’ve been using the pillow every night for about two months now – I even took it on vacation with me last month – and from that you can probably tell that I’m pretty happy with it. As soon as I removed it from the packaging, I took it to the mirror in the bedroom and did some experimental face-pressing with it, and it’s easy to see why this works. The pillow is basically designed to support your head at the forehead and chin – they rest on the two “prongs” you see on the side – while the rest of the face is suspended between the two ends, meaning that the skin isn’t pressing against anything, and therefore doesn’t crease. You can also fold it in half and put it at the back of your neck, like a travel pillow, if you want to sleep on your back, or sitting up.

The concept is simple, but it does work: when I use this, I mostly wake up without those two sleep lines on my forehead, which is exactly the result I was hoping for.

I say “mostly”. I have just two issues with this, and one of them is more about ME than it is about the pillow, to be fair:

1. Although this is the small version of the pillow, it’s still just a little too big for my head: I feel like it would support me better if the two ends were just a little closer together. As it is, I sometimes feel like my face is going to slip through the gap.

2. Sometimes during the night I will move around and push the pillow away without realising, meaning I wake up with the sleep lines. (I use it on top of my regular pillow, so I don’t notice it’s gone.) Or I’ll adjust my position in such a way that my head is lying on the middle part of the pillow rather than on the end, which means y skin is still getting creased. I don’t think there’s much I can do about that, though, although I have been combining it with my Frownies, as an extra precaution. Bedtime in my house sounds fun, no?

Anyway, all things considered, I’m pleased I bought this, and will continue to use it unless something even better comes along!

Click here to visit the brand’s website.

Hi, I'm Amber, and I'm a full-time parenting/lifestyle blogger, and author of My Blogging Secrets, now available from Amazon. I live in Scotland with my husband, Terry, and baby son, Max, and you can read more about me here.

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  1. What a fancy gadget! I’ve never seen such a thing – but now I’m intrigued! My great-grandmother used to sleep on a tiny silk pillow to save her beehive ‘do, but this is on an entirely different level! xox

  2. I was given one as a gift, so knew nothing about them but I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was to use, no more lines on a morning and its so easy just to pop it in your suitcase when you go on holiday!


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