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A UK beauty blog with a difference…
(The difference being that it’s – whisper it – not a real UK beauty blog…)

So, I should probably start this short introduction by admitting that, although I’ve been writing about beauty products and treatments for over a decade now, I’m not your conventional beauty blogger. I’m not a makeup artist or industry insider. I don’t own a vast collection of lipstick, or rush out and buy the latest releases. I can’t do a smoky eye to save my life, and I only occasionally manage to get my eyeliner to look the same on both eyes.

Sound familiar? Well, I hope so, anyway, because my aim here is not to give you expert advice on skincare or makeup – there are plenty of REAL beauty bloggers out there who’ll do a much better job of that, let’s face it – but to simply provide real, honest opinions on everything I try – a bit like your real life friends would.

Does that make me a bad beauty blogger? Um, probably, yes. But, the fact is, as a pale-skinned redhead, I’ve spent my entire life struggling to find products that work for me, so, when I do, I want to share that news. Over the past few years I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed, tried eyelash extensions and hair extensions: hell, I even bought those magnetic false eyelashes you (probably) keep seeing on Facebook, and thinking, “Now, who in the world would be stupid enough to buy THOSE?”

*sheepishly raises hand*

I’ve tried a lot more than just false eyelashes, though: so, pull up a chair, and take a look at a UK beauty blog with a difference…