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Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments aren’t really my “thing” – I should probably make that clear up front.

As a self-confessed Awkward Girl, I’ve never been the type to want to go for a massage, or have a pedicure: in fact, the very thought of someone getting THAT close to my feet makes me feel a little bit faint, to be perfectly honest.

While you’ll probably never catch me signing up for a day at the spa, though, I can’t deny that certain beauty treatments do hold a huge amount of appeal to me: I’m talking here about the ones that seem likely to save me some time in the morning, or make me look a little more human, with the minimum amount of effort possible. Because we could all do with a little more sleep every morning, amiright?

Over the years, then, I’ve taken one for the team by signing up for a selection of beauty treatments ranging from microblading to hair extensions, by way of a complete smile makeover. Some of these treatments (Microblading, hair extensions) have been been such a success that I’ve made them a regular part of my beauty routine. Others, meanwhile… well, take a look at my post on Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, if you want to see how SOME of them work out. Then weep for me.

I try beauty treatments so you don’t have to, in other words: and then I write about them, no matter how good, bad, or, well, downright ugly they turn out. (Russian Volume Lashes, I’m looking at you here…) Come and have a look…