20 Fashion and Beauty Stores That Accept Paypal Pay After Delivery


Anyone else a fan of the Paypal Pay After Delivery option?

I’ve been raving about this service for absolutely ages now, but almost everyone I speak to about it says they haven’t even heard of it, which makes me think I obviously haven’t been raving about it enough. Today I’m going to rectify that, with a list of retailers which accept Paypal Pay After Delivery, but first I’m going to answer the obvious question:

What the hell is it?

This is actually a harder question to answer than you might expect. The first bit is relatively easy: Paypal Pay After Delivery is, as the name suggests, a service which allows you to buy goods online, without having to pay for them until they’ve been delivered. Awesome, huh? This basically takes some of the fear-factor out of online shopping, because although the retailer gets paid instantly by Paypal, the funds aren’t debited from your account until a full 14 days after you place your order – which gives you plenty of time to receive the item, decide whether you want to keep it or not, and send it back, if necessary. Most of the time, I find any returns I have to make will be processed well before the 14 days are up, so you’re essentially getting to try your items on at home for free: or for whatever it costs to ship them to you, at least.

(I would say here that it’s an AWESOME trick to have up your sleeve if, for instance, it’s two weeks before pay day, but you’ve just found an absolutely amazing dress that’s calling your name. As I say, I would say that, but obviously it would be totally irresponsible of me to recommend you use it for such nefarious purposes, so let’s just forget I said anything, OK?)

(It is, however, really handy for those times when you want to order something, but you’re not sure which size to get: if the Paypal Pay After Delivery option is available, you can order them both, safe in the knowledge that, as long as you send whichever one doesn’t fit back within the 14 days timeframe, you’ll only pay for the one you keep. Genius, huh?)

“So, where’s the complicated bit, Amber?” I hear you ask. Well, there are two, actually:  for one thing, not all retailers offer the Paypal Pay After Delivery option – even the ones that DO accept Paypal don’t always allow you to pay after delivery with it. Bummer, huh? For another thing, the option doesn’t seem to be available on all Paypal accounts. You have to activate it within your Paypal account (click on ‘settings’ and then ‘payments’), but the option won’t always be available on every account: but more about that later!



How to use Pay After Delivery On Even More Websites


Where was I? Oh yeah: for those of you who DO have the option to select Paypal Pay After Delivery as your preferred payment option, your next challenge is to work out which websites you can actually use it on. This is also easier said than done, because my experience is that the sites which offer Paypal Pay After Delivery as an option don’t generally advertise that fact, so the only way to find out for sure is to add something to your online basket, then proceed through checkout, while crossing your fingers and hoping you don’t manage to accidentally buy it anyway, if Pay After Delivery turns out NOT to be available. OR, of course, you can let ME do that bit for you, and then provide you with a handy list of stores which DO accept Paypal Pay After Delivery. Sound good?

This list is obviously not a definitive one, as it consists purely of websites I’ve either used myself, or had recommended by readers as places which offer Paypal Pay After Delivery. I’m always looking for new stores to add to it, though, so if you know of one that’s not on the list, drop me a comment, and I’ll add it!

Where to use Paypal Pay After Delivery:

How to buy now, but pay later with Paypal Pay After DeliveryAllBeauty

Aspire Style

Closet London






House of Fraser

Kurt Geiger

Lindy Bop




Office Shoes



Yours clothing

Vivien of Holloway


In closing this post, I just want to add a quick couple of caveats, the first one being that I don’t work for, or have any connection to Paypal, so if you’re having trouble using the Pay After Delivery option, or it doesn’t seem to be available on your account, I’m afraid I’m not able to help with that, so your best bet would be to contact Paypal directly. From what I’ve been able to gather from some of the conversations I’ve had with people, Pay After Delivery does seem to be activated on an account-by-account basis, which means that not everyone will have that option, unfortunately: as I said, best to check with Paypal directly, though, if you have any questions!

It’s also worth remembering here that stores do change their payment methods and policies from time to time, and occasionally I’ll go to a website I’ve used Paypal Pay After Delivery on in the past, and, all of a sudden, the option is no longer available – boo! While I do my best to keep this list up to date, then, I obviously can’t monitor every site all the time, so please accept my apologies if it doesn’t work for you this time – please do remember to bookmark the page and check back soon, though, and hopefully I’ll have some new sites to try when you do!

Which sites do you use Paypal Pay After Delivery on?

list of stores which accept the Paypal Pay After Delivery option
Hi, I'm Amber, and I'm a full-time parenting/lifestyle blogger, and author of My Blogging Secrets, now available from Amazon. I live in Scotland with my husband, Terry, and baby son, Max, and you can read more about me here.

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  1. Nope, I’d never heard about this! I’ve just been paid, but i’ve been waiting for 7 days with zero money and this would have come in handy – especially on eBay and Superdrug because I’ve been wanting some bits from there.

    I’ll have to have a look in my PayPal settings….

  2. That it Amber, I know where my birthday money is going. Such a cool idea and I love that I can try something on without having going through the whole process of a refund. Now where did I put my credit card?…

  3. it *is* a great service, the only problem I have with it though (well technically it’s a problem with me) is that I tend to forget it’s not yet been paid for so I end up leaving myself a bit short but yeah it is super handy.

    And so glad to see that Rubin’s doing better! <3

  4. This sounded interesting so I checked my PayPal account but couldn’t see an option to turn it on. However I emailed PayPal and this is the reply I got.

    “You have my assurance that you are eligible to use Pay After Delivery because you have a confirmed bank account.
    It will be automatically activated in your PayPal account if you were offered to use it as a payment funding source on a checkout flow. Once you use it, it will be defaulted as your payment method”

    Cool. Don’t know if I’ll use it but nice to have it as an option.

  5. Zara does not accept pay after delivery, and Superdrug used to it’s not working anymore and misguided doesn’t either

    • Yes they do: I’ve used it on both Zara and Superdrug very recently (Used it on Superdrug just a few days ago) if it’s not available for you, that sounds like an issue with your specific account.

  6. The only place it seems to work is wish.com its available on nearly every item as it’s international sellers. eBay is limited haven’t found any that’s available through eBay yet . im trying to find out where else. Dorothy Perkins accept with klarna.com but with klarna you have to have good credit rating whereas PayPal pay after delivery u don’t.


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